One plan. One collective voice.


The Waikato Plan is the first time all the councils and agencies in the Waikato have worked together to create one plan that gives them one collective voice about important issues that affect us now and will affect us over the next 30 years.

The Plan is based on two principles:

  1. Together we are stronger. Collaboration builds strength and understanding, fills gaps, and cuts duplication. 
  2. To succeed as a region, all parts of the Waikato must be as successful as they can be.

The Plan is more than a document; it is a reflection of close working relationships between leading organisations in the Waikato. This united approach will help co-ordinate and guide decision-making on complex regional-scale issues like population change, transport, water, economic development and the environment. It identifies long-term regional priorities to ensure challenges that don’t sit neatly with one agency, are captured and planned for.

The Plan will help guide investment in our region from both the public and private sectors. It will help ensure appropriate funding goes to agreed priority areas, in a timely way. It clearly identifies how much money we need and where funding might come from and details how priorities will be addressed.

The Plan does not duplicate regional or local initiatives already planned or underway, but supports a number of those initiatives. Importantly, the Plan provides our region with a strong, united and collective voice to Central Government and others on key issues.


We want to build champion communities, together.

The mighty Waikato region is a place of powerful possibilities.
Forged by a proud history and shared excitement about the future, the Waikato grows and celebrates world-changers, local innovators and inspiring champions.


We want a stronger, resilient Waikato region which is responsive to the changing needs of our people and our communities.
We want a region with the right infrastructure in the right place, at the right time, to enable us to success and prosper.
We want iwi to have a powerful voice so that Māori aspirations and rexpressed and integrated through successful joint initiatives.
We want our land, water and natural environment to be recognised as precious and finite.
We want the Waikato to be nationally and internally connected so we can continue to contribute to New Zealand and the world.


  • To establish a collective voice for the Waikato when needed.
  • To enable future planning decisions based on agreed evidence.
  • To provide a framework for central government engagement and improve coordination.
  • To provide regional support and critical mass for dealing with important local issues.
  • To maximise opportunities, including investment, through aligned planning.


The Waikato Plan does not over-ride statutory documents or the functions of statutory bodies/committees. It is a multi-agency agreement that provides strategic guidance and advocacy and has been prepared within the framework provided by the Local Government Act 2002. 

The implementation of the Plan will take place through a number of documents.

While some of the relationships are established through statute, others are non-regulatory including Waikato Means Business – the region’s economic development strategy. The Plan takes its approach to economic matters from this document. The Plan is one of a number of collaborative regional projects administered via the Waikato Local Authority Shared Services (LASS) Council-controlled organisation. 

This is our place.

This is your place.

It is the Waikato, the beating heart of New Zealand.