More than $1 billion worth of funding to finish the Waikato Expressway is the fruit of tight collaboration and strong advocacy by the region’s councils and stakeholders, says the regional transport committee.

The New Zealand Transport Agency has announced that the final three sections of the expressway will be underway by the end of this year after the agency’s board approved $1.08 billion to fund the construction of the Hamilton and Longswamp sections of the expressway. The agency also expects to this month announce the contractors to build the $458 million Huntly section.

“This is fantastic news and the work will give a further shot in the arm to the regional economy, road safety and quicker journeys for both business and the public,” said regional transport committee chairman Hugh Vercoe, of Waikato Regional Council.

Cr Vercoe said the committee – made up of representatives of the region’s councils and other stakeholders – had long been united in its strong advocacy for expressway funding.

“Identifying the expressway as a priority for our region, and speaking with one voice on this issue, has really helped guide central Government’s thinking on stumping up cash.

“Our success is an important example of what can be achieved through the region’s councils and other stakeholders speaking with one voice on key matters,” said Cr Vercoe.

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