Implementation a key to future success

19 June 2017

Now that the process of developing an over-arching Waikato Plan is all but complete there is a big focus on successfully implementing it, says the independent chair of the Plan’s Joint Committee.

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Deliberations are looming

24 May 2017

Deliberations on an updated Waikato Plan taking into account public submissions are looming as the formulation of the final Plan enters the home straight.

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Plan enters home straight

10 April 2017

The formulation of the final Waikato Plan has involved its partners walking together on a long journey. Now we’re entering the home straight.

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Submissions closing soon on major new plan for Waikato’s future

03 April 2017

There’s just a week to go to make submissions on a major new plan for a more prosperous future in the Waikato.

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Have a say on major new plan for Waikato’s future

07 March 2017

It’s time to hear what the people say! Feedback is being sought on a major new plan for a more prosperous future in the Waikato.

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Major new plan for Waikato’s future signed off

27 February 2017

A major new plan outlining a blueprint for a more prosperous future in the Waikato has today been signed off for public consultation in a strong display of regional unity

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Waikato Plan reaches major milestone

20 June 2016

The first full draft of a ground-breaking plan for the entire Waikato is aimed at creating a powerful new “voice” for the region and establishing a solid base to boost its wellbeing.

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Models look at potentially “very large” costs of improving water quality

24 September 2015

A group of technical experts has produced computer models of the land use and management changes potentially required to achieve water quality targets for the Waikato and Waipa rivers, and their tributaries. The models also look at the possible economic impacts of implementing changes, such as switching from farming to forestry or less intensive farming.

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Hamilton City Council caps funding for Waikato Plan

19 August 2015

The region's million-dollar Waikato Plan had been given a "reset" after the project became bogged down in information. City councillors were given a briefing this week on the plan's progress following concerns voiced by some regional leaders that the project had stalled. The Waikato Plan is a key initiative of the Waikato Mayoral Forum.

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Waikato Plan to be served up in chunks

16 August 2015

A far-reaching plan tasked with forming a big picture view of the Waikato will be delivered to community leaders in "bite sized chunks". The Waikato Plan is a key initiative of the Waikato Mayoral Forum and is being driven by a joint committee.

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Expressway funding follows collaborative advocacy

10 March 2015

Expressway funding follows collaborative advocacy. More than $1 billion worth of funding to finish the Waikato Expressway is the fruit of tight collaboration and strong advocacy by the region’s councils and stakeholders, says the regional transport committee.

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Grey tsunami looms

27 February 2015

Waikato's ageing baby boomers are set to outnumber the young by 2026, placing huge demands on hospitals and council resources. A low birth rate and longer life expectancy is fuelling the trend, prompting warnings that urgent planning is needed to prepare the region for the oncoming "grey tsunami".

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‘Visionary’ plan costs, Waikato Times, 5 Dec 2014

06 January 2015

A Waikato spatial plan is billed as a game changer for the region, but comes at a hefty price, with costs expected to exceed $1 million. The spatial plan is being developed by the Waikato Mayoral Forum at a cost to ratepayers of $870,000.

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Housing crisis, Radio NZ Morning Report, 20 Jan 2015

06 January 2015

Iain White is Professor of Environmental Planning at Waikato University. He says planning doesn't build houses, developers do - so it's is all about sending the right market signals.

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New visions for Waikato arts and sport

25 November 2014

Arts and sports are a huge part of what makes Waikato communities tick. Now two important new regional plans for arts and sport – produced with the support of the Waikato Mayoral Forum – are setting out a long-term vision for the region in these two key areas.

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The Life Worth Having

10 November 2014

In November 2014 a forum called “A Place to Live: for the life worth having” focused on the wealth that smaller towns and regions contribute to New Zealand’s overall economic and social wellbeing. 

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Waikato's future taking further shape

16 June 2014

Good progress is being made on shaping a more prosperous and efficient future for Waikato, with business groups and others now invited to apply to be on a joint committee overseeing a new regional spatial plan being developed by the Waikato Mayoral Forum.

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Mayoral forum has good process for future

15 April 2014

The Waikato Mayoral Forum says it has established a very robust process for making efficiency improvements in the way councils operate and for gathering information to help inform discussions on local government in the region.

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